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If you follow me on twitter, you know two things:  1.) I hate your favorite team  2.) I hate Oklahoma City’s jerseys.  One of my goals in creating the site has become to harness our collective disgust, fuel a global fervor, and force OKC management to pull the trigger on a sweeping change.  The other is to eat pizza slices with Kobe.

(As an aside, no one should hate OKC’s aesthetic more than Kevin Durant, who has likely lost an incalculable amount of money on his own personal brand.  NIKE too.  Part of Michael Jordan’s mystique, and a tremendous amount of his Jumpman brand was built on that black and red, that ice-cold bull logo.  Durant has the game, the personality, and the charisma.  His jerseys and sneakers would fly off the shelves if they didn’t look like hot garbage because of those corny colors.)

I hate the Thunder’s jerseys so much, I started thinking to myself, “Do other people hate them too?”  I hopped over to Google.com, and typed in the phrase “Oklahoma City Thunder rebrand.”Turns out not only do people hate them like me, there are actually folks who’ve spent hours and hours of their own free time to create real options for the team.  That speaks volumes.  The best of those are below, with my thoughts.

= = = = =

TOP:  Made by BunnyDojo - I like the idea of Thor’s Hammer.  God of Thunder.  Makes a lot of sense.  That’s exactly why the OKC doesn’t use it.  Too sensible.  Based in too much reason.

Blue, yellow and white?  Eh.  But the guy’s at the Dojo have lots of colorways online.

= = = = =

2nd ROW, LEFT:  Made by Preston Grubbs and Asha Pollard -  Love the idea of Western/Southwestern motif of the Eagle, but not sure it works for a basketball team.  That said, the tickets and the bus look fly.  Love the diamond/rhombus pattern, but again, not on the uniforms.

2nd ROW, MIDDLE:  Made by Tim O’Brien - Love bison concept, not in love with the look of said bison.  I REALLY like what he’s done with the jerseys though.

He didn’t overhaul everything.  Simple font change.  Simplified color scheme (the blue/white colorways would sell like Oklahoman hotcakes).  I am in LOVE with the grey version.  They look cool, and would really feature a nice pair of sneakers. 

2nd ROW, RIGHT:  Made by Chris Giorgio - The eagle, feathers, and slight font change all speak to the region.  The Thunder’s current design has nothing.  No feeling.  Zilch. Nada.

= = = = =

3rd ROW, LEFT:  Made by Matt Lehman - This is clearly fly.

Did you know Oklahoma City management was considering “Outlaws” as their team name?  It’s true.  I mean, what happened?!?  The Oklahoma City Outlaws would’ve been one of the raddest team names in the league.

“Oh no!  We gotta play the Outlaws tonight…”  Everybody’s afraid of outlaws!  They’re dangerous, yet cool.  Deadly.  Admirable.  Huge mistake, OKC.  Huge.

I’m in on the masked bandit logo.  Both of his OKC letter logos are great, but I prefer the interlocked version.  That’s made for a hat.  The retro logo is out of sight.  It is fantastic.  I’m not in LOVE with the color scheme, but it’s a billion times better than what OKC has now.  The poster is radical, and necessary.

Oklahomans should riot until the Thunder become the Outlaws.

3rd ROW, MIDDLE:  Made by David Raney Design - These are my favorite logos that don’t include the word “Outlaws.”

I like the Supersonic homage of the top version (although the fine people of Seattle have every reason to hate it), and I think the bison looks more sports logoish on the bottom.  Black, orange and grey is something I could get behind.

3rd ROW, RIGHT:  Made by Anthony Pollock - Font is better.  Also, every font ever in the world is better than OKC’s current font.  These colors are too close to the actual scheme, which I loathe with a fiery passion, but the reason I posted this was to prove a point: OKC could literally do ANYTHING ELSE and still improve.

= = = = =

4th ROW, LEFT:  Made by Ian Bakar - That’s a strong bison, and I like both alternate logos.  Either would look great on shorts.  Blue and brown is an interesting combo.  Wish I could see uniforms in this look.

4th ROW, MIDDLE:  Made by Jason Nessa - A little too 2000’s Golden State Warriors for me, but again, far more simple and clean than the current monstrosity.

4th ROW, RIGHT:  Made by Elliott Strauss Creative - Why is their no team with a black and yellow scheme?  Those were the colors of my middle school team, and we looked great.  Specifically, I looked great.

= = = = =

The Internet tells no lies.  The people have spoken.  Oklahoma City needs to rebrand.  Choose any of the options provided, call every advertising agency on the planet, or just make that s**t with Microsoft Paint.  We don’t care.

Just change it.


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this is my favorite post ever. 

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Can we talk about this for a second? Can we start getting a movement together to start calling Blake Griffin Kuwabara?

…holy shit




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Ah yes, take me to the D

Ah yes, take me to the D

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Thanks to Danielle, I have a Christmas tree! :)

Thanks to Danielle, I have a Christmas tree! :)

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The ‘Day to Night’ series by Photographer Stephen Wilkes

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A visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier

nixonbots through the ages
Richard Nixon (or “prime” Nixon)
Richael Nif
Pinh hif



A visual history of Richard Nixon getting lazier

nixonbots through the ages

  1. Richard Nixon (or “prime” Nixon)
  2. Richael Nif
  3. Pinh hif
  4. 4

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